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DARK KNIGHT Poetry #5: One Big Happy Family

Updated: May 7, 2023

Life has Hit me Hard,
But I have come this Far,
I'm working towards being a Star.

Thy may run slow, but Still in the Race,
I'm the face that runs this Place.

I'm from India, so I got to study Math?
Nah bruh, I create my own path!
Don't mess with me, you don't want to feel my Wrath.

In India I was born,
Now far away from family, our bond is being torn.

Not seeing them Everyday,
Makes it harder day by day.

I miss it seriously,
Being one big happy family.

My father is one of a kind,
Despite the flaws, always has me on my mind.

I have a brother who's so sassy,
Not only that he looks smart and classy.

My Mother an Angel from heaven,
Always caring and Loving.

I miss it Seriously,
Being one Big Happy Family.

I am who I am,
Thanks to dad and My Mom.

Me and My Big B, fight with one another,
In a way that has made me stronger,
So thank you Dear Brother.

I miss it Seriously,
Being one Big Happy Family.
- JD🦇

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