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DARK KNIGHT Poetry #7: It's My Life!

Updated: May 7, 2023

I have an open Mind,
I am one of a Kind.
I may have not gotten the best of Grades,
I am still on board with the success brigade.
Fi Fy Fo Fum,
Patience & Hard work, success is bound to come.
I always go with the flow,
Stayed in darkness for too long, it's time to Glow.
When people say that it's always about Money,
I find it pretty Funny.
Your Happiness, My Happiness, OUR Happiness truly - Matters.
I am Crazy like Mad Hatter,
Success ain't gonna be served on a Platter.
Life is a Long Battle,
When the Going gets tough, don't Startle,
To Succeed you must have the will,
Life's like a Roller-Coaster, Experience the Thrill.
- JD🦇

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