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DARK KNIGHT Poetry #8: LOST in the WOODS

Updated: May 7, 2023

Went on a Night-Out in the Woods,
A Little Further from his Neighbourhood.
He sees the moon Staring at him from the Sky,
All of a sudden he hears a loud Cry.

A moment of Panic,
Realised never to do a late night Picnic.
A search for the cry's Owner,
A shy of hope they weren't a Goner.

Bats be Flying,
The young man be Worrying,
Still was Praying,
That the person wasn't Dying.

Help! Help! Help! Yelled the same Voice,
That rattled the wild, making a lot of Noise.
To help her was the right Choice,
But he also had to play it Wise.

Snakes Crawling,
Wolves Growling,
Rodents Squeaking,
The Girl still Screaming.

Help, Help, Help! the sound kept on Ringing,
He didn't stop Running,
From the wildcats smartly Shunning,
Finally found her Moaning.

It was worth the hour-long Search,
The girl said she lost some expensive Merch,
Including keys to her Porche.
Crimes like these have been on the Surge

Clearly She had been Robbed,
Suspect's name is Bob,
Along with his Mob.
This is their only Job.

The Porche meant so much to her,
She was in panic, everything to her was a blur,
Sad and scared, she politely asked, "Can you help me Sir?"
He agreed, and until it's over, promised to stay together.

The Thieves left a trail,
They pretty sloppy, surprised ain't already in Jail.
The thieves probably in hiding, planning to make a sale,
He assured to find them, wasn't planning to Fail.

The trail lead to Bob's Hide-Out,
Were they in there? Still had his doubts.
He asked her to be on the lookout,
Told her, when in trouble to just Shout.

He went in, hoping there ain't gonna be a Fight,
Ware-House was dark, a little bit of Light,
He found her stuff, and even more caught his Sight,
He knew he had to do what was Right.

He used his phone, got some Clicks,
Stayed low, managed to be Slick,
He had no special Trick,
Got out safe, with some pics.

With those pics, they went to the cops,
Asked them to please do their Job.
They did it, caught the clumsy mob.

He helped her, he did all he Could,
She was happy that it ended safe and All is Good,
To him she said, "Won't forget, Getting Lost in the Woods."
- JD🦇

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