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The Downpour Slayer: CHAPTER 01

Updated: Jun 25, 2023

It was a rainy night. The lightning brightened up the entire village of Jeevagangai. The villagers were forced to stay in their homes due to the flooding streets. A voice was screaming louder than the roaring thunder a few miles away.

The next day, as a five-year-old stepped out of her house, was traumatized by the site of an arm floating down the flooded street. In a matter of minutes, the police rushed to the scene. A search underwent to find the body. Unfortunately, they were unable to find any. The cops assumed that the kid mistook a moving rock for an arm. As they ridiculed the young soul and began to walk away, a burnt head fell in front of Chief Inspector Jason's feet.

Upon seeing the head, the rest of the officers went into panic mode. When Jason picked it up he was startled by the site of the face completely burnt, there was hardly any skin. He then ordered his troop to search everywhere. They traced all the way to where the flood stream concluded and in the end managed to collect all body parts except for the left foot's toe.

All body parts were taken to the Forensic laboratory. The lead Forensic Anthropologist, Dr. Deviki Ramachandiran was called up to examine the remains. At first glance, she was able to identify that the skull was of an eleven-year-old girl. Dr. Deviki then informed the Chief Inspector about her findings and added,

"The skin necrosis was caused due to a highly corrosive acid. In this case, I am suspecting it is Hydrochloric Acid. In layman's terms, the face is burnt to a crisp due to a highly corrosive acid."

As the Forensic Pathologist Dr. Yashoda Karnan was examining the rest of the body parts, she noticed an odd difference in each part. She called both Deviki and Jason to reveal her findings.

"Hey, Dr. Ramachandiran, do you see this? The right arm seems to be too developed for an 11-year-old. The left is underdeveloped, and the legs are odd too."

Jason did not understand what this meant, but Deviki was also shocked by this odd change and asked Yashoda to cut open the chest to do an autopsy. That's when everything became clear to both the doctors. Yashoda warned Jason.

"Brace yourself Chief! You are not looking for someone who committed a crime of passion. This is a dangerous serial killer."

Jason was puzzled. He demanded that he gets a proper explanation. To which Deviki replied,

"This is not a body of an 11-year-old. There are six different dead individuals on this table."

Everyone was shocked and scared at the same time. This is the first time such a horrifying incident had taken place in Jeevagangai.

Jason rushed to his station and ordered all the officers to be on high alert. He himself began to check all the complaints about all the missing case files.

After almost seven hours of searching, he could not find any clue whatsoever about who the victims were. As it was almost 1:00 AM he decided to go take some rest.

The next morning, his cell phone was constantly ringing until he finally woke up and answered it. It was none other than the Head of Forensics, Dr. Mustafa Radwan. He mentioned that there was some major update on the case and asked him to head back to the department.

As Jason showed up, he was flabbergasted upon hearing about the newfound evidence. The DNA results revealed that all six were related to each other. They assumed that the eldest was the father and the rest were the kids.

The Chief came to the conclusion that the missing puzzle in the piece was the mother and thus he speculated that the mother was the murderer.

He declared that it was not a serial killer but rather a mother who decided to terminate her entire family out of pure rage.

The search continued to find the mother, but since their DNA was not in the system they could not find the exact identity of the victims still.

The search continued on…

A couple of weeks had gone by and still, the culprit had not been caught. It was another rainy night, and as usual, the floods started filling the streets of Jeevagangai. Shockingly, the next day more body parts were found.

When the body parts were tested, it was revealed that they were not a match to the previous six. This was the body parts of six more victims. This startled the police station. It was now clear without a doubt that a serial killer was indeed roaming amongst the people of Jeevagangai.

“Who is this killer? Why is he murdering people? What is he doing with the rest of the body parts?”- Jason wondered.


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