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TOP 10 YouTube Channels

Updated: May 7, 2023

What's good people?

Today I am starting a new series for my blogs. As part of the new series, in this article I am going to talk about my favourite Youtube channels. Without wasting anytime let me dive right in to the list.

10. WrestleTalk

This is the first Wrestling based YouTube channel that I started to watch. They were one of my favourites but sadly they have gone down the line. This is a channel that reviews wrestling shows. It would have been a bit higher on the list if it was not for the amount of negativity that's being spread throughout the channel. Do not get me wrong, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But if all your opinions about something is just how bad they are then it is not an opinion anymore. You are basically just finding flaws just to talk trash about the product. I would not say they are completely negative, they do have some positive stuff to say. Oliver Davis (the co-founder of the group) is probably one of the most positive guys in the team, comparatively.

But nevertheless, these guys are hilarious and try their level best to keep us ENTERTAINED!

09. Joey (Lucky Boy) Nato

Joey Nato's channel is mostly comprised of him reacting to music videos, some old and some that are the latest. His reactions are so detailed and he analyses every single detail. It makes me appreciate the music video way more after watching his reactions. Nato is a musical artist himself. And he makes pretty good music himself.

08. Cultaholic

This is another Wrestling based Youtube Channel. They do reviews, podcast, reactions and many more. It is such a fun filled channel with a plethora of content.

07. PartsFunKnown

The Father Channel for Parts FunKnown is WrestleTalk. They used to be fantastic, but lately all they bring a lot of negative energy and mostly just talk trash and critique the Professional Wrestling business. When it looked like they have moved from what was a fun filled positivity spreading channel to "All we see is the Bad", they gave birth to Parts FunKnown. This is a true upgrade from the WrestleTalk Channel.

The best programme they have is QuizzleMania, a fun filled quiz show that has little to do with wrestling. It is so much fun. I highly recommend you guys to give this a watch. Apart from this they have loads of ORIGINAL content! Such as the CBW, NO ROLLS BARRED, Fantasy Booking, Fast Feuds and many more.

06. What's Good Podcast

This is a fun filled podcast, hosted by Simon Minter and Randolph. It is a weekly podcast and every week they have a different guest and they just ramble for about 2 hours and let me tell you, the 2 hours are so entertaining.

05. Our Stupid Reactions

This is not just another 'reactions' channel. It is a channel where every video is an enlightening experience. Rick Segall and Corbin Miles are two Americans who react to mostly Indian movie trailers, scenes from movies, sports videos from India (Especially Cricket) and more about Indian culture. The best thing about this channel is that they focus on every part of India and through every video they learn more about the Indian culture and they appreciate it. The amount of effort they put into learning the culture is inspiring.

04. Callux

He does not post much but whenever he does, it is a banger. It is unique, original and truly innovative. He puts so much effort and thought into his videos and he ensures that the 20 - 25 minutes are entertaining throughout.

03. Wrestling On Weed

This is my favourite wrestling based Youtube Channel. The channel consists of 4 people on screen. We get Reviews, News, predictions, watch parties and many more. Among all the channels I believe this is one of the most positive channels on Youtube. The only negative stuff they talk about it is Monday Night RAW and let's be honest, there is hardly anything positive on RAW. But all their content are super fun. I highly recommend all wrestling fans to checkout this channel.

02. BETA Squad

I recently started watching these guys. This is another UK YouTuber crew. These guys have not posted for a bit but, their content is hilarious. Every video is so funny. They have a lot of fresh and innovative content. Their 'Mafia' series, 'Fake Employee' series, 'Guess Who' series all are fantastic. Niko, Sharky, Chunkz, Kenny and AJ are the main crew. Their jokes are also unique. Give them a watch! They all have their own youtube channels as well.


The Sidemen in my opinion are the best in the YouTube Scene They do a lot. They all have their own youtube channels and they also provide great content throughout. KSI is probably the most famous as he is dominating the Youtube Scene, The Boxing and the Music Business as well.

The Sidemen have a bunch of channels, there's the Sidemen Channel, More Sidemen Channel, the Sidemen Reacts Channel and their individual channels of course. Every channel is filled with loads of content. They mainly try their best to give us a lot of comedy and it works all the time. Their best videos in my opinion are their Sidemen Sundays. You can guess it from the name, every Sunday on their Sidemen Channel a unique video is dropped. It goes from mocking game shows to tinder videos and many more.

This is my list of top 10 YouTube channels. I highly recommend you all to check each and every channel out. Also what are your favourite Youtube channels? Put them down in the comments.

That is all for this edition of the Top 10 Lists. I will catch you all soon with another list.

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