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Updated: May 9, 2023

Being Stuck Inside the house has got me Livid,
It's all because of this Damn, Covid.

Anywhere we go, there's 1 mandatory Task,
That is to wear a Mask.

Also, remember to always wash your hands, for your own safety,
Just do it man, it is simple, easy and nothing hefty.

Less movement, hardly any traffic, a reduce in Pollution.
People realise, walking, jogging and cycling that's the Solution.

So depressing, Millions of deaths,
This horror-show will change, Let's all have Faith.

So many thinking this is all a Hoax, That's just Obscene,
Still they are the ones, First in line for the Vaccine.

For over a year, events cancelled or held in an empty Arena,
No people, Every place remained clean, including Marina.

In most of the countries, things seem to getting back to the Usual,
Some still thinking Covid doesn't exist, They just Delusional.

It's been a depressing year, my calming factor was where 3 things, AEW, WWE,
And just like many, the stress buster was Cook With Comali.

It's been a depressing year, glad it's slowly coming to an End,
We will Be Corona Free, have faith my Friend.

Covid is truly a horrible Curse,
We are forever grateful to every single Doctor and Nurse.

Please Stay home for a Few More Days,
We shall overcome this Phase.

Please stay home, we soon can meet-up, it'll be filled with fun and laughter,
We shall overcome this and We'll have a 'Happily Ever After'.
- JD🦇

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